Saturday Inspiration: Victoria (2017)

Today is the perfect day to get inspired and start doing great things in the week to come! Let me share with you some great things I have recently experienced. I hope you find them inspiring too!

A motivating book

This is a book replacing princesses with real women. 100 women who worked as aviators or astronomers, writers or presidents, Olympic sportswomen or world leading architects. My favorite story is about Ada Lovelace, the first women programmer in the world. Ada was poet Byron’s daughter. One of the first programming languages was named after her. She only lived to be 37, and she was also a wife and mother. Ada lived in Victorian times and she was close to the queen and the palace.

The second volume of the book is now available. I am looking forward to browse that too! I hope you find that inspiring, too.

A movie:  Victoria

This is a series available on HBO and now the second season is running.

This is a movie blog, and I am so excited about this British production, I had to recommend it to you! The British movies richness of details, clean acting and historical background never cease to amaze me.

Victoria presents the young queen, only 21. She becomes the queen and though inexperienced, she is independent and stubborn, fights against old advisors and rules the country her way.

Victoria and Albert were one of the happiest and loved royal couples. In Victorian times the technology bloomed. Ada Lovelace, the first world programmer, appears in many of the series. Albert, Victoria’s husband, was a prince of German descent. He was the one who introduced trains in UK, indoor plumbing to empower human hygiene, health and longer life, and he supported new technology adoption in UK at the time.

A museum

If you happen to visit London, you must visit the Victoria and Albert museum. This is where you can admire art, fashion and furniture that belonged to Victoria and Albert, these great historical characters.

There is no tax to visit this great and huge art collection. Moreover, the museum is located next to two other great museums, Natural science and Science museum. You can admire here real life dinosaurs, elephants and blue wales, and Jurassic Park animated dinosaurs.

The access in all three museums is tax free. They are also located close to Harrods shop, and you really must visit this classic elegant establishment, and buy classic tea and biscuits!

What inspires you on Saturdays? Where do you get motivation and inspiration for the week to come?

Picture credit: Pixabay and Skitterphoto


Why I’m joining Webstock 2017 event, and you should follow it too!

Webstock 2017 Romania is the largest social media event in the place I reside, Romania. It’s the meeting points for those with a passion for social media so we’re getting updated on the latest trends, tips and tricks.  Famous Romanian bloggers will speak, and there is an awarding night Gala Webstock Awards for the best online projects in Romania.

Why am I joining, and why should you join too?

  • I’m passionate about writing, social media, video production, education and life long learning. Webstrock 2017 Romania is an opportunity to listen famous influencers speaking,  sharing their great accomplishments and how-to’s. These session have a great educational value, and speakers are strong bloggers and influencers on the local social-media channels.
  • Romania blog-sphere is extremely active and diverse, from IT to travelling, from fashion to health and beauty. It is challenging to keep up to date with all the great things happening online. Webstock 2017 Romania is the time to learn what are the next trends, get inspired and see what great things did other bloggers do! There’s room for all, so sky and your work power is the limit!
  • Have a coffee with nice friends who happen to be inlove with blogging, like Irina from and Oana from
  • Networking is always extra useful! Here is the great opportunity to meet people you met online, who share great content and make it look even greater, and all out of pure passion, and next as a side job!


Are you joining similar events in your area? How do you keep networking and learning about your passion?

Here’s how you can keep up with the latest events on Webstock 2017 Romania:

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How to be a Latin Lover (2017)


IMDB: 5.8/10

Director: Ken Marino.  Stars: Eugenio DerbezSalma Hayek

Pros: Ten years ago I was walking the local cinema with one thing in mind. Forget about dreadful university exams. Forget about moving away from my parents. Start new. The movie we watched then, Mrs Doubtfire, was exactly what I needed: hope. There are solutions is the toughest despair, just keep family values above all and imagination beyond limits.

How to be a Latin Lover is just the same: a very good comedy, about how to laugh at all hard times in life and get your help from young and old, short and tall people around. Eugenio Derbez and Salma Hayek make  great parts in here. Sure thing, this movie is no Oscar winning material. But then, not all movies are meant for award winning! This comedy will make you smile when adversity strikes in your life, and serve as a reminder that there are always solutions available. How to be a Latin Lover is also recommended for families with young pre-teen kids. Salma’s son in this movie is 10, a short smart boy who needs desperate relationship advice. And where else could he get it from, if not his Latin Lover uncle?

So how is the movie How to be a Latin Lover?

  • It will make you think outside the box. How would an unemployed Latin lover make 1000$ quickly? Rent his car as advertising space for a local striptease bar.
  • It reminds you of the great perks in life. I bet you sleep on a regular mattress, don’t you? Enjoy it! Next, watch the great Latin lover challenges when sleeping on an inflatable mattress on the floor that keeps loosing air….
  • Troubles in your love life? Salma’s 10 year old kid has a crush on a beautiful class mate. And he’s wondering how to impress her, how to walk and talk while NOT sweating! You have been there, haven’t you?

Cons: This comedy is no drama-solve it all movie. It will just make you laugh and help you continue your life struggles, with a smile…for now.

Some scenes and lines might be not suited for very young kids. But keep in mind this is a Spanish – Mexican educational production, so the overall feeling is kindness and love.

ConclusionHow to be a Latin Lover is the perfect comedy to watch with your loved ones, on a Tuesday night. Weather you have your own kids or not, it will make you smile and think everything IS possible.

The man who knew infinity (2015)


IMDB: 7.2/10

Director and screenplay: Matt Brown  

Pros: This 2015 production it’s a biographical movie and it will remind you of the award winner A Beautiful Mind. An Indian self trained mathematician is invited to Trinity College in UK to publish his discoveries. It’s about the academic career of the pioneer Indian mathematician, Srinivasa Ramanujan, and his friendship with his mentor, Professor G.H. Hardy. You will discover great actors like Jeremy Irons and the very talented Dev Patel, from Slumdog Millionaire, all on the lovely UK scenery.  Dev Patel is just amazing in this movie!

Ramanujan story it’s raises incredible questions. Are geniuses born? Even mathematicians? Can an unschooled person fit in the rigors of European universities, and fit academic criteria? What is a man to sacrifice for his lifetime mission? Family? Religion? Comfort? All? Is the science dedicated life of a British professor much worthy than that of an unemployed genius Indian married man?

Minuses: I could not think of any. Lovely story from start to the end.

Recommended: This is a beautiful movie for a weekend night. Get ready to be inspired by the modesty, effort, love and dedication of this less known mathematician, who was compared with Newton for his genius.

Nive to Five (1980)

IMDB: 6.7/10

Director: Colin Higgins, starring Jane Fonda and Dolly Parton

Pros: Discovered this comedy thanks to the music hit ‘9 to 5’ written and performed by Dolly Parton. I used to hate her before this song for being way too fake and in the wrong musical genre, but then I noticed her genie and the talent for her music career that lasted over 50 years!

Tumble outta bed and I stumble to the kitchen
Pour myself a cup of ambition

Read more: Dolly Parton – Nine To Five Lyrics | MetroLyrics

I encourage you to listen the song: it’s great for a good morning start, and you’ll find yourself singing it in the shower and on your way to work!

This 1980 movie it’s a charming comedy about three female secretaries planning to revenge on their tyrannical boss. You will enjoy the young actresses and the ’80s etiquette in the office. It’s about pens and paper, old desk telephones, men are still wearing suites and ladies have long skirts and tall hair.

This classic movie may not be a masterpiece, but it’s a story about gossip in the office, women making a team and fantasizing about revenge on their manager. When they finally do it it’s accidental….but all for a happy ending!

Minuses: Nine to five it’s a funny non-pretentious comedy, portraying the 3 female artifacts: the married, the divorced and the married-with-children type. If you’re looking for a strike of genius, you’re looking the wrong place. You will, however, get a great view on the hard 80’s (hard fashion, Xerox and furniture) and appreciate more the flexible easy lives you are living today.

The End of the Affair (1955)


IMDB: 6.7/10

Director: Edward Dmytryk

Pros: This 1955 production it’s a charming black and white movie. You will enjoy the charming interiors in the golden times of Hollywood, the simple and honest characters, and their simple hopes that brought happiness into their lives. The actresses look great and family roles are clearly and  nicely shaped.

A classic movie about troubling war times, when a married woman falls in love with her neighbor. They endup wanting the war to continue forever, to keep the romance alive.

Minuses: While the action may not seem so fats for today’s viewers, there is some charm in the fragile feelings of the characters, lovely scenery and old-style interiors.

The Boss Baby (2017)

IMDB: 6.5/10

Director: Tom McGrath

Pros: This 2017 production is a must see for young and old alike. Who likes to share love and attention? Like it or not, having a little brother or sister makes parents go nuts. Baby makes the world go round and he’s the boss of the house! When jealousy strikes, how does the big brother get rid of the baby?

A movie about family values, struggling you get your parent’s love and sharing your feelings.

Minuses: The movie aims to be a comedy, but could have done so on a shorter time.